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A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

This particular fanlisting is for relationships between Fuji Yuuta and Mizuki Hajime from Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis). Whether you're a fan of this pair as a couple or just as friends - then this is the fanlisting for you. Though of course, these two as a couple is always Yummi ^_~

· Profile: Mizuki Hajime. (3rd year at St. Rudolph)

Birthday: 5/27
Height: 166cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood Type: B
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Play style: All rounder
Talent: Data tennis
Shoes: Prince quick track Ti (Navy)
Racket: Yonex muscle power 7
Favourite food: Vichyssoise with some kind of pasta in white sauce (has ham inside)
Hobby: Choosing tea leaves
Family: Grandfather, Grandmother, Mom, Dad, two older sisters
Father's job: farmer and enka singer (Japanese folk songs)
Favourite subjects: Japanese, English, French, Spanish
Favourite colour: Pure white
Type he likes: "None really, what, do you plan on doing asking something like that?"

· Profile: Fuji Yuuta. (2nd year at St. Rudolph)

Birthday: 2/18
Height: 170cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: O
Preferred Hand: Left handed
Play style: Aggressive baseliner
Shoes: /asics advantage task SX
Racket: Wilson hyper prostaff 7.6 with rollers
Skills: Twist spin shot, Super Rising
Favourite foods: Cake, crepes, strawberry, curry with pumpkin in it
Hobbies: GBA (shooting games) frisbee
Family: Mom, Dad, older sister, older brother
Father's job: Works in a company (foreign trade department) Subjects he's good at: Physics, Math
Favourite colour: Silver blue
Type he likes: "The type that I like..."

· The Reseident Dorks' Personal Opinion
(This is in no way what you have to agree with to join this listing, it's just the shared opinion of the two of us behind it ^_^)

Mizuki... the slime. The evil. The prince o' purple. Rudolphian General. Overall ho. And sooo not as in control as he makes out. XD

Mizuki is a prissy little ball of ghey, wrapped up in nice ghey wrapping paper to be a glittery ghey gift to semes everywhere. He's about as uke as anyone can get and even with all his posturing he quite likes it really. He's very aware that he's attractive, the little hair twirls, the posing, the purring at people. (Yes we can thank Ishida Akira for providing the voice for Mizuki, a perfect finishing touch that rounds off the character nicely) He wants very much to be able to manipulate. And sometimes, with the right people he does very well at it. But as soon as a person realises that he's not quite all that he seems his ability to control them disappears.

He comes across as something of an attention seeker, he loves the limelight, and with someone like Yuuta he gets their full attention. That scene that showed their first meeting with Mizuki surrounded by the corona of light and little Yuutas awestruck face XD Yuuta was quite captivated by Mizuki.

Everything starts there, with Yuuta feeling lost and insecure, playing tennis alone at a private tennis school so as not to be compared to his genius older brother. When Mizuki appeared he acknowledged his existence as individual by calling him "Yuuta" rather than 'Fuji's little brother', commended his skills and went on to give him a new home at St Rudolph.

Back then it was just a one-sided, adolescent crush of Yuuta's. The match with Seigaku was the turning point in their relationship. Up until then Mizuki used Yuuta as a tool, he lied to him, betrayed Yuuta's trust in him, maybe damaged Yuuta's body forever, even dumped him completely after the tool lost its usefulness. Then Fuji (Syuusuke) deprived Mizuki of his superficial superiority and Yuuta was shown that Mizuki was was not even remotely close to being the superior person he had idolized. He had every reason to hate Mizuki, even had a chance to take some kind of revenge or humiliate him further, but instead he apparently accepted it and forgave him.

Some may put such easy forgiveness down to Yuuta being stupid or naive. On the contrary it shows him to have a forgiving nature, one that he wouldn't show to someone he doesn't actually care about and it's clear he cares very much about what Mizuki thinks of him.

With a confidence boost Yuuta could very easily take the initiative to pursue Mizuki properly. Mizuki tries so very hard to be the dominant, in control one. He just fails. He wouldn't really last five minutes (or 12 seconds) to a serious Yuuta.

It may sound stupid.. but Yuuta is a Fuji. He carries many of the traits which Syuusuke and Yumiko (his elder sister) have, but he's the baby of the family. Yumiko has the maturity to be less obvious, Syuusuke has the genius, as he gets older Yuuta will probably calm down a bit. But for now his temper can flair up very easily and he wears his heart on his sleeve sometimes. While this is very endearing and makes him terribly lovable it also probably causes much of Syuusuke's need to protect him.. but how much Yuuta really needs protecting is debatable.